In early December of 2012, we put our house, pictured above, up for sale for $349,900.  In a little more than three weeks, we sold it for the asking price!  We’ll be moving to a retirement community in New Hampshire in April, and the buyers agreed to let us stay in the house until then by paying them rent after the closing.  Although we made this website to help sell the house, we’re leaving it up because so many people are nostalgic about the house and might like to have one last tour through it.  

The house is in a friendly neighborhood less than three blocks from Elmwood Avenue, close to all of the amenities of the Elmwood Village neighborhood.  It’s an easy walk to shops, restaurants, and lots of other services, and it has easy access to public transportation.  Take a look at this website to see its “walk score” --

It also lies within the Richmond Ashland National Historic Preservation District Initiative area.  So far this means that homeowners can get tax credits for certain types of improvements, but it does not restrict the types of improvements that can be made without the credits.  For details, see this website:

The front porch has been rebuilt and recently repainted.

Here are a couple of other views of the house from the street: