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WMUR-TV (Xfinity Channel 8 on our TVs)

Granite State Debate Series

The candidates for the 2nd Congressional District debated on WMUR-TV on Tuesday night, October 30, at 7:00 PM.  Full video: 2018 2nd CD Granite State Debate

The candidates for Governor will debated on WMUR-TV on Thursday night, November 1, at 7:00 PM.  Full video: Granite State Debate involving candidates for governor

View a web page prepared by WMUR-TV on the three candidates for governor here.

View a web page prepared by WMUR-TV for the three candidates for the seat representing the 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire here.

The purpose of this page is to give you an opportunity to learn more about the candidates who will be on the ballot on November 6. The Voter Information Committee will sponsor a forum for Executive Council candidates.  Debates and forums for the statewide candidates are available on television and radio, as below.  Items will be added as they become available.  Scroll way down to learn about Hillsborough County candidates.  Finally, I have just added to the very bottom of this page links to the websites of the candidates for Executive Council and State Senate, all of whom were invited to appear at RiverMead forums.

New Hampshire General Election

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

7 AM - 7 PM

Peterborough Community Center

25 Elm Street

(All future elections will be held here, not at the Town House)

Pros and Cons of Two Proposed Constitutional Amendments

on the November 6, 2018 Ballot in New Hampshire

prepared as an unbiased non-partisan voter service by the League of Women Voters NH

For more details on these two ballot questions, check these links:

Question 1: "Ballot question would give N.H. taxpayers expanded ability to sue government" from the Concord Monitor

Question 2: "On Election Day, the Voters of New Hampshire Can Protect Their Privacy in the Digital Age" from the ACLU of New Hampshire  

Both questions: Editorial: More debate needed on ballot questions From the Concord Monitor

Both questions: An explanation from the ACLU distributed by the Temple Democrats

Both questions: Ballot questions: Voters should say 'yes' to Question 1, 'no' to Question 2 from the  Keene Sentinel

Question 1: An informative NHPR Interview on Question 1

Question 2: An informative NHPR Interview on Question 2                                                                   

Hillsborough County Candidates

Because county candidates are often ignored, I decided to try to find out something about each one. Some had relevant web pages, but it was hard to find information about others.  I tried to choose the link that would give you the most information about each one, but you should do your own searches if you are not satisfied with what I found.  

Candidates for Sheriff of Hillsborough County

Bill Barry (D) -- See this Article about him

James A. Hardy (R) -- Incumbent. Found nothing recent.  See this video from 2014.

Aaron Day (L) -- See his Facebook page

Candidates for County Attorney

Michael Conlon (D) -- See his Facebook page

Dennis Hogan (R) -- Incumbent. See his website

Candidates for County Treasurer

William Bryk (D) -- See his Wikipedia article

David G. Fredette (R) -- Incumbent. See his website

Candidates for County Register of Deeds

Edward J. Sapienza (R + D) -- See this video

Candidates for County Register of Probate

Elizabeth Ropp (D) -- See this video

Joseph Kelly Levasseur (R) -- Found nothing current on his run for this office,

but you can learn about him in this 2013 article.

Candidates for County Commissioner

Steve Spratt (D) -- See the "about" section of his Facebook page

Robert Rowe (R) -- Incumbent. See this Letter to the Editor from Rowe

Websites for Candidates Who Have Been Invited to Our Forums

Candidates for Executive Councilor

Debora Pignatelli (D) -- Website

Dave Wheeler (R) -- Incumbent, Website

Brian Chabot (L) -- Website

Candidates for State Senator

Jeanne Dietsch (D) -- Website

Dan Hynes (R) -- Website

Candidates for State Representative

Peter Leishman (D) and Ivy Vann (D) face no opposition.

They will be our representatives no matter how many votes they receive in this election.