RiverMead Residents'

Voter Information Committee

Peterborough Town Meeting

All voters registered in the Town of Peterborough are members of the legislative branch of the town government and, as such, are encouraged to attend the town meeting sessions.

Peterborough has a three-session town meeting.  The meetings will take place at the Peterborough Town House at 1 Grove Street. The voting will take place at the Community Center at 25 Elm Street. The three important dates for 2019 are:

Deliberative Session — Tuesday, April 2, 2019  7 pm.

Official Ballot Session — Tuesday, May 14, 2019  7 am to 7 pm.

Open Session — Wednesday, May 15, 2019  7 pm.

The first session of Town Meeting (April 2) has the authority to debate and amend only those articles that will be on the official ballot.  These include the annual operating budget, factfinders’ reports and cost items of collective bargaining agreements, zoning articles, charter amendments, and other subjects required by general law to be placed on the official ballots for towns.  

The second session of Town Meeting (May 14) consists of a day of voting on Articles 1 through 14 in the warrant below that were agreed upon at the deliberative session.  Voters may go to the polls any time between 7 am and 7 pm.

The third and final session (May 15) may consider, debate and amend and vote on Articles 15-19 which were not required to be acted on by the official ballot session, including articles to appropriate funds for any identified purpose and petition articles that were not on the official ballot.  In addition, the final session must adopt an operating budget if it was not adopted by the official ballot session.

Minutes of the April 2 deliberative session

Fiscal Year 2020 Town Warrant -- Includes what will be on the ballot and what will be discussed in the Open Session.  

Sample Ballot

Andrew Manns will be a write-in candidate for Trustee of the Trust Funds.

Proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Budget - After Deliberative Session

2019 Proposed Zoning Amendments

If you need an absentee ballot for this election, you may print out this request and mail it in.

For information about the issues and candidates, read the

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript.