RiverMead Residents'

Voter Information Committee

In the STATE GENERAL ELECTION that will be held on November 3, we will vote on these offices: President and Vice President of the United States, our United States senator, our representative in Congress, our governor, our executive councilor, our state senator, our state representatives, and six Hillsborough County offices.

Because of the pandemic, election officials are strongly recommending that we vote by absentee ballot as early as possible, even though the polls will be open on election day (and RiverMead will provide transportation as usual).

Many people are wondering if when and how you vote can give one candidate an advantage over another.  Rest assured that in New Hampshire, absentee ballots are all counted on election day the same way in-person ballots are counted, by putting them through the same counting machine.  In order to be counted, all absentee ballots must have arrived at the Town Clerk's office or the polls by 5:00 PM on election day.  The results of the count will be available to the press on election night as usual.


Many residents filled out applications for absentee ballots for BOTH the state primary and the general election before the September 8 primary election.  If you requested both ballots, you probably can expect to receive your absentee ballot for the general election in early October. If you have not received it by then, check your absentee ballot status by calling the Town Clerk (784-5605) or using this website: https://app.sos.nh.gov/Public/AbsenteeBallot.aspx.  If you need help with this process, contact Anne Huberman or any other member of the committee (see below).

If you did not fill out an absentee ballot application before the primary, you may fill one out now to receive an absentee ballot for the general election.  You will find instructions for doing this here.

State and town officials encourage you to apply for absentee ballots as soon as possible so that they won't be overwhelmed by last-minute requests.  They also do not want to overwhelm poll workers on election day with lots of in-person voters.  When you receive your ballot, mark and return it by mail as soon as possible (we recommend no later than October 20) so that delays in mail delivery will not be a factor.


We are gathering information about the candidates here.  If candidates have a campaign website or a campaign Facebook page, we have linked their names to these sites.  If we have not found an official campaign site, we recommend that you do an internet search to find out more.  Links to information in the media, including a links to Zoom forums hosted by the local League of Women Voters can be found here.



RiverMead Residents' Voter Information Committee members:

Jo Ellen D'Ambrosio and Mary Vallier-Kaplan, cochairs, Bobbie Coffin, Peggy Durham, Chris Falcone, Bobbie Gilbert, Merrily Hansen, Anne Huberman, Celie Ives, Katie Kachavos, Barbara Riesenfeld, Sally Woodford.

2020 Presidential and State General Election

November 3, 2020

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