Advice on Submitting the Ballot

Sample Ballot

If you requested an absentee ballot for the November 3rd election, probably the Town Clerk has mailed it to you. When it arrives, we recommend that you mark it and return it immediately. This will ensure that your ballot arrives at the Town Clerk’s office before 5:00 PM on election day.

As soon as your ballot arrives:

     1.     Complete your absentee ballot: Mark your ballot in the usual way, according to the instructions included with the ballot.  After you vote, fold your ballot and place it inside the smaller ballot envelope.  Then seal it.

     2.     Sign the smaller ballot envelope: You must sign the affidavit on the smaller envelope for your ballot to be accepted and counted. Concern for COVID-19 counts as a “physical disability”. If that is your reason for voting absentee, fill out the right-hand side of the envelope. Write “Peterborough” on the line for the name of the town and leave the ward blank. Then sign your name and print your name below it. If you will be out of town on election day, fill out and sign the left-hand side of the smaller envelope.

     3.     Place the smaller envelope into the bigger return envelope:  Check to be sure the return envelope has your correct return address and is addressed to, Linda Guyette, Peterborough Town Clerk.  

     4.     Submit your absentee ballot today:  The simplest way to submit your absentee ballot is to mail it at least two weeks before election day. You must put a 55 cent stamp on the return envelope. If you prefer to deliver the ballot in person, take it to the Town Clerk’s office during her office hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM) before election day. You may also take it to the polls on election day. Your ballot will not be counted if you simply put it in a drop box or slot without having an election official check your identification.  See this set of instructions to see who is allowed to deliver your ballot for you.

After you have mailed or submitted your ballot, you can check after a few days with the Secretary of  State's website here to be sure that your ballot has been received.  If you need help with this operation, please contact Anne Huberman.

You may vote in person at the polls on election day even if you received an absentee ballot. To do this, simply discard the absentee ballot and go to the polls using your own or RiverMead transportation.

**If you have questions about this process, please contact any member of the RiverMead Residents' Voter Information Committee listed on the Home page.