How to get from the Greenfield Meeting House
to the Huberman Camp at Sunset Lake

No matter what road you take into Greenfield, the Greenfield Meeting House will be easy to see, up on a hill in the center of town. To find the Huberman Camp, face the Meeting House and take the road to the left of it, Route 31 North. In about .8 of a mile, you will see a sign on the right that says "Seven Hills" in big letters. Turn right there (on Crotched Mountain Road) and go about .1 of a mile, just past the "Traffic Turning and Entering" sign, and turn right on a small dirt road called Sunset Lake Road. (If you pass the lake, you have gone too far.) Drive almost .4 of a mile along this road to the Huberman camp. You will pass many cottages on the left, and then you will see two cottages on the right. Pass those, go around a bend in the dirt road, and you will see a sign saying "JUSTA CAMP" and "HUBERMAN" and 3-5 KYES LANE with an arrow pointing to the left. Turn into Kyes Lane to the left, and you will see our yellow A-frame. You're there!

Setting your GPS system to take you to "3 Kyes (or possibly Keyes) Lane, Greenfield, NH," will probably work also.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 603-547-3431.